Colorado National Monument Tours

Colorado National Monument

See the beautiful Colorado National Monument up close as you drive through Western Colorado‚Äôs red rock canyons.Experience the majesty of Colorado National Monument as you drive along the rim of deep, sheer-walled canyons, past towering red sandstone monoliths. Colorado National Monument, celebrating 100 years since being established by the signature of President Taft in 1911, encompasses 32 square miles, and billions of years of earth’s history, including some of the oldest rock exposed on the Colorado Plateau. Enjoy opportunities to listen to the silence, broken only by the call of a raven. Smell the desert plants, race a collard lizard and learn about the human history of the park.

Many people believe that the Colorado National Monument should be changed to a national park.  Come with American Spirit Shuttle to visi the park and decide on this question for yourself.

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