River, Bike and Snowmobiling Shuttle

American Spirit Shuttle lets you take your river trip without worrying about transportation.

American Spirit Shuttle lets you take your river trip without worrying about transportationWe've been providing safe, reliable car shuttle service for river runners floating various sections of the Colorado, Gunnison and Dolores rivers, and for bikers riding the Kokopelli and other trails, for over 22 years.

Here is how it works: We gather the information we need from the form you fill out on the next page and we send you a confirmation. You launch your boat or bikes and enjoy your trip. Your vehicle magically appears at the end-point of your trip, saving you fuel and giving you more time to play. We move your vehicle to the end-point right away - we do not store vehicles

Some DO's and DON'Ts we have found which will make your experience smoother and more pleasant:


               Please call 970.822.3338 for information. 




  • Leave CASH – it is the only form of payment we accept.
  • Set the time for us to pick up your vehicle when you are confident we can take it with no waiting. Our wait time costs you extra $$.
  • Call us at least 1/2 hour before our scheduled pick up time if you are running late.
  • Make sure your vehicle and trailer, including all lights and signals, are in good working order. We are not qualified to do repairs.
  • Be sure your registration and proof of insurance are current and you leave them for us.
  • Leave an authorization for us to drive your vehicle, signed by the owner. Insurance does not exist which would cover us driving a multitude of unnamed vehicles. In the event of accident or loss, the claim will be against your insurance.
  • If you have a key made for this trip please verify that it works to open the driver door and to start the vehicle.
  • Leave the spare tire(s) and jack where we can access them, and leave us the keys for any spares that are locked, including the trailer spare.
  • If your vehicle is 4x4 please leave it in the range you would like us to use while driving on the highway.
  • Secure your trailer tongue to the ball of the hitch with a pin or lock and chain it to the towing vehicle - it's the law!
  • Stow away loose items or secure them to the trailer or truck bed so nothing blows off on the highway.
  • Leave your vehicle with enough fuel to get back to a station after we drive it to the end-point.
  • Please be sure to include anything extra we should know about your vehicle on the form.
  • Have fun and stay safe!


  • Forget to leave a signed authorization – WE WILL NOT DRIVE YOUR VEHICLE WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION.
  • Leave us a vehicle in poor repair - we are not mechanics.
  • Leave a check - we do not accept them.
  • Assume you have a reservation unless you have received an e-mail confirmation or spoken with us by phone.
  • Leave marijuana and/or drug paraphernalia in your vehicle. Possession is a felony in Utah - take it on the river with you!




Please call 970.822.3338

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